Name That Teacher

20 Apr

Name That Teacher!

Get to know our KN Teachers!

Here’s how it works:

We will give you a hint, and you get to guess which teacher matches our clues.  Check back soon to see if you were right!


16 Apr


We continue to see a lot of illnesses in school – mostly sore throats (viral or strep throat), fevers, headaches and stomachaches. Remember to encour-age your child to wash their hands after blowing their nose, sneezing, or coughing. Medications may be given in school. Parents may bring any medi-cation into the Health Office, accompanied with a signed physician order and the medicine.

Seasonal Allergies.

As the weather starts to warm up, grass begins to grow, and flowers and trees start to bud and blossom, so are seasonal allergy symptoms. Symp-toms may include, but not be limited to, clear, runny noses, post nasal drip, dry cough, and watery or itchy eyes. If giving antihistamines to your child and they tend to make him/her drowsy, give the dose before bed. If the op-posite occurs (i.e., hyperactivity), give the dose during the daytime (morning or after school). Ask your physician for which medicine is the most appropriate for your child’s allergy symptoms.

Scoliosis Screening:

All 5th grade students will be screened for scoliosis the week of April 13th— 17th.

As usual, call the Health Office if there are any questions.

Board of Education Update: April 2015

13 Apr

Mike Suffoletto, President

Sue Casey, Vice President

Paul Benz

Ann Carmody

Mike Dedee

Mike Gustin

Tom Nespeca

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The Webster Central School District Board of Education thanks all parents, students, faculty, staff, and community members for sending more than 2,500 letters and e-mails to our New York State legislators regarding the 2015-16 budget process. You may still visit the district’s Advocacy quick link found on our website (upper left side of the home page),, to send a letter, e-mail or call Governor Cuomo with your thoughts. Thank you for your continued advocacy on behalf of nearly 8,700 Webster students!

Some important budget-related board meeting dates to keep in mind for the months of April and May:

  • Thursday, April 9 – formal adoption of the 2015-16 budget by the BOE, Spry auditorium, 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, May 7 – BOE Public budget hearing, Spry auditorium, 7:00 PM ,
  • Tuesday, May 19 – Annual budget vote and BOE election, Webster Schroeder HS gymnasium, 875 Ridge Road, 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Webster’s Board of Education and Superintendent, Carm Gumina, have approached the Urban-Suburban inter-district Transfer Program to explore this unique opportunity that would provide more diversity within our district. This is the 50th anniversary of the program originally established with the goal to “voluntarily reduce racial isolation and the segregation of academic opportunities in elementary and secondary schools in order to enhance and enrich racial and ethnic awareness among students, teachers, and in order to enhance and enrich racial and ethic awareness among students, teachers, and parents.” A total of 11 area districts (four that will begin in the 2015-16 school year) participate and all have reported positive feedback on the program. Urban-Suburban program administrators recently amended the original mission statement of the organization to include the goal of “deconcentrating poverty and enhancing opportunities for students in the city and suburbs.”

Your board and Mr. Gumina will continue to provide the community with information and research on the program and how it aligns with our district’s mission, vision, and “Core belief of putting all “Students First.” There is an informational Urban-Suburban link on our district’s website., that can be found under the “Parents”, “Students”, “Staff”, and “Community”.


The board of education received a strategic planning update during the March 19 regular meeting from Superintendent Carm Gumina, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services Shelly Cahoon, and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Brian Neenan. The strategic planning team is continuing to understand and focus on what career, college, and community readiness means for Webster students, and wants to ensure that our educational program aligns with this goal so students are ready for their next steps. The team will present a final strategic planning report in June. The board also approved the 2015-16 school calendar during this meeting, which can be found under the “Calendar” tab of our website.

Earlier in the month during the March 5 meeting, the board approved a resolution to appoint Mike Dedee to the board of education. We welcome Mike and look forward to collaborating with him on our work with the Webster School District. All board presentations can be viewed by visiting the district’s website’s home page, and clicking on the “Board of Education” quick link.

PTSA Updates for April 2015

11 Apr


Now that Spring has arrived and we are well into the last half of the school year, please stop and think about your goals for next year. If you are interested in actively participating in the PTSA, please let me (, Beth (, or Laura ( know as soon as you can. A list of open positions can be found on the BLOG ( At the main page go down a bit on the right, in a section called WE NEED YOUR HELP. I’ll also be sending the list in my weekly reminders.

In order to keep all the fun activities going we really do NEED your help. If you want to help but aren’t sure in what capacity, let us know and we will help figure out a role to match your skills. And this is not just for moms! Dads – you guys offer a great perspective and we’d love for you to join – after all – this is for our kids!

Our next PTSA meeting is on Wednesday, April 8th at 6:30pm at Klem North. Hope to see you there!

Diane Smith

Klem North PTSA Communications Chair



Principal’s and Vice Principal’s News

11 Apr
April always bring thoughts of spring. Hopefully Mother Nature will begin to warm things up and bring us spring temperatures! The time following the Spring break is always so busy. This time of year always seems to fly by even faster. The end of the school year will be upon us before we know it. With this in mind we will be beginning the placement process towards the end of the month.
Over the next several weeks teachers will begin placement for your child for next year. Your child’s teacher begins the process by considering the learning styles and peer relationships within their current class. They then meet with their grade level colleagues, as well as support area teachers and special area teachers, to organize students into small instructional groups and eventually into a full- sized class. During this process, the teachers consider a number of factors, including learning styles, an even distribution of males and females, peer relationships and an equal distribution of students receiving special services, i.e. RTI, Special Education services, speech, math remediation, etc. Mr. Slack and I will then meet with grade level teachers; so that they may inform us of their rationale for the groups they have created. We will then take these newly formed class groups and assign them to a teacher for the upcoming school year.
We, as professionals, believe that we keep the best interest of children in mind as we make these decisions. We also understand that as a parent, you may have additional information about your child that you would like us to consider during the placement process. If you feel you would like to share this information as part of your child’s placement, I invite you to send the information to me in the form of a letter or email by May 5, 2014. I will share this information with the appropriate grade level teachers and make sure that it is considered in the placement process. Please do not request a particular teacher for your child. This is a policy in elementary buildings across the district and has been the practice at Klem North in previous years. If you have any further question re-garding the placement process please feel free to contact me.
The State ELA assessment period begins April 14th and will last through the16th. The State math assessment period begins April 22nd through April 24th. Students in grades 3-5 will take part in assessments in both ELA and math. The tests are administered in the mornings so it is important that students arrive on time.
Webster’s annual Community Arts Day will be held this Saturday, April 11th. This event is a celebration of the Arts with numerous displays and performances from our students. Community Arts Day is held at the Webster Schroeder High School. Student art work and performances are highlighted. Local community groups are present to share their programs and services. Food items as well as pieces by local artists are on sale. I hope you and your family are able to attend this wonderful event!
Think Spring!!
Mr. LaMonica and Mr. Slack

April’s STAR Authors

11 Apr


Congratulations to April’s STAR authors!  

Mrs. Bechtold’s Class 

  • Madeline Throumoulos – The Story of Petselville
  • Michael Garritano – The Town of Smartie
  • Abby Richman – Hamster Hawaii
  • Carmen Ottina – The Disaster that Happened to Petsington D.C.
  • Mason Reid – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Shredder and Splinter
  • Sophie Shortino – Seeing the Puppies
  • Reilly Adams—Water Town
  • Avi Ramoutar – Sugar and Cake
  • Reid Doolittle – Skylanders
  • Boston DeWitte – Dimeandquarter
  • Anna Coppola – Stuffyanimalville
  • Andrew Syracusa – Waterville
  • David Kalterbach – Skylands
  • Olivia Ritchie – Pets
  • Nick Gaglio – Candyland
  • Jordyn Lewis – Petsster
  • Brendan Hall – Cloudy with a Chance of Kittens
  • Leah Lasky – Leah with a Chance of Pets
  • Makayla Oriel – The Mystery of Pet’inville
  • Nicky Dickson – The Over Flow
  • Adam Scipione – Candy and Candy

Mrs. Riddell’s Class

  • Matei Jucan – Hostile Mobs:  An Unofficial Minecraft Guide to Hostile Mobs
  • Ben Horvath – Favorite Season
  • Nathan Frye—Guide to Monsters in Minecraft
  • Michael McDonald—Pokemon History
  • Jack Centola—Minecraft
  • Jack Bovenzi – The Lacrosse Game
  • Kaitlyn Dushuk – My Favorite Season
  • Tyler Flood – Scott Flood the Fireman
  • Natalie Sperano – The Zoo
  • Andrew Baird – Eating with CJ
  • Charlie Bonin – The Thousand Islands
  • Jonathan Murtha – Minecraft Series
  • Eric Chung – Sneaking….
  • Leah Hurlbut – Baby Guinea Pigs
  • Michael Sudore – The Coolest Cruise Ever!
  • Isabella Barco-Dimaggio – Day 1 in New York City
  • Maxwell Benjamin Braithwaite—The Buffalo Bills Game
  • Daniella Gibson – Horse Club!
  • Aubrey Tucker – Canada

Mrs. Smith’s Class

  • Carter Warren – All About Wolves
  • Jessica Nau – Wolves
  • Taj Hamza – All About Wolves
  • Kaitlin Dowling – All About Wolves
  • Ally Mulye – All About Wolves
  • Nick Myers – All You Need to Know About Wolves
  • Ryan Stracke – All About Wolves
  • Rachel Lucas – Facts About Wolves
  • Annie Joy Smith – The Lives of Wolves
  • Maresa Girard – Information on Wolves
  • Michael Heller – Lives of Wolves
  • Max Sylvester – All About Wolves
  • Ellie Gramowski – The History of Wolves
  • Allison Volker – All About Wolves
  • Nicholaas Bakker – Wolves: Amazing Animals
  • Bridget McDonald – All About Wolves


April PTSA Meeting

10 Apr

Another great meeting!  The meetings are truly informational and casual.  It’s your opportunity to find out what is going on at Klem North (because not everything is publicized) and ask questions from curriculum to afterschool events.

Upcoming Programs and Events:

BINGO Night: Tonight 4/10 at 7pm (just bring yourselves! No fee, no sign up!)

Community Arts Day: Saturday April 11th 10 to 4 at Schroeder High School

Spring Book Sale: April 13th to April 20th (Family Night Thursday April 19th 6-8pm) volunteer at Book Sale Sign Up

Family Square Dance: April 29th


From Mr. LaMonica, Mr. Slack, and Mrs. St. James:

The April Newsletter has been uploaded: visit Mr. LaMonica’s News for the Principal News, Notes from the Nurse, BOE Announcements and Info, and so much more!

Letters To The Principal for information regarding your student and next year’s placement due May 5th.

Next 2 weeks will be state testing

PBIS is focusing on Bullying the next few months: definition, common understanding, tactics, etc

Spirit Week is upcoming. More information to follow.

“Thank You” from all the teachers for the special treats and overall support.  Parent/Teacher conferences went great and are a valuable tool for everyone.


PTSA programs are run by parents and some programs have been discontinued, not because of student interest, but because of the lack of parent involvement.  ALL OPEN POSITIONS ARE ESTABLISHED WITH PLAY-BY-PLAY DIRECTIONS AND ARE COMPLETED BASED ON THE VOLUNTEER’S SCHEDULE.  PLEASE support the programs your child is involved in.  Support Your Student 


Did You Guess the Right Teacher?

6 Apr

Almost 95% Did!

Our mystery teacher is Ms. Leszcynski !  Ms. Leszcynski has two miniature cats, Sadie and Mason. She lives in Rochester and loves the colors purple and blue. Her favorite movie is Frozen! In addition to singing and photography, she enjoys visiting Keuka Lake in her free time.

Congratulations to those who guessed correctly, and watch for another Name That Teacher game soon!

The Voice of NYS PTA

6 Apr
Posted: 03 Apr 2015 11:35 AM PDT
Surprisingly, Tuesday’s state budget adoption linked the distribution of increased school aid to another revision of Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) elements. Assessments are one of two elements to be weighted in the APPR that must be approved by November 15.
With this news, the movement to promote test refusal*, as a means to make a political statement, has increased around our state.
We have heard from many members; some urging NYS PTA to endorse test refusal, but most appreciating our position to support every parent’s right to make the choice for their own child.
As the, “New York State PTA Position Paper: Use of Student Assessment & Its Impact on High‐Stakes Educational Decisions” states:
High‐stakes testing associated with political initiatives has changed the landscape of education in New York State and across our country. The effects of some of these changes may be unintended, but when devoid of a sound educational rationale, they can actually interfere with educational improvement.
We also support the need for meaningful pupil assessment and educator accountability. Current trends unfortunately exaggerate the use of narrowly defined results to judge educational performance and make high‐stakes educational decisions. These trends cannot be permitted to stifle student and educator creativity or to impede the imperative to educate the whole child.
The latest action by our state leaders, combined with member feedback on both sides of the issue, creates an urgency to reiterate that NYS PTA strongly supports the right of every parent to decide what is best for their child whether to take or refuse the test.
We strongly recommend that parents whose children will not participate in annual testing work collaboratively with their school district’s administration on a plan for the child that is agreeable to both parties.
Finally we ask that, no matter how you choose, everyone be respectful of another parents’ right to make either a similar or different choice for their child.
*Please note, we do not refer to this as “opt-out” as that is not an option in our state. One can “refuse the test” or “not participate” thereby causing the test to be coded 999.
Bonnie M. Russell
NYS PTA® President
Communicate to Advocate!


The Voice of NYS PTA

6 Apr
Posted: 01 Apr 2015 10:29 AM PDT
Today is a sad day for the students and teachers of New York.
The Governor, claiming to be the best advocate for children, has tied inadequate school funding to questionable education reform based on volatile state tests and tied to ethics reform.
Both the Assembly and Senate, who promised $1.8 to $1.9 billion of increased aid, sold out promised relief in order to ease ethics reform. They fundamentally short-changed the children they claim they care about.
Huge stacks of printed bill materials shared only hours before the votes last night left little time for thoughtful consideration and stakeholder input. Major educational reforms were ill-considered in the haste to meet a vote deadline.
While NYS PTA appreciates the decision to assign the APPR revision to NYSED and the Board of Regents, as we advocated for, we believe the parameters and time frame for consideration are completely inadequate for all stakeholders to provide input and thoughtful feedback. Specifically:
  •     Parent input was erased from APPR
  •     Questions remain on testing and proportions of standardized testing in APPR
  •     What formulates student growth is not clear
  •     What elements are part of a new matrix needs to be defined
  •     How schools will manage the use and costs of outside evaluators is unknown
Once again, tying release of aid to approval of negotiated APPR elements by November 15, DURING the school year, is indefensible.
The lack of reliability of the current NYS standardized tests along with these hastily adopted education reforms will fuel the already increasing opposition to participation in testing scheduled for this April.
The unfortunate message to the children of New York: your education and future are not worth the time and collaborative decision-making of Albany legislators.
With this latest state action it is even more urgent that we reinforce the right of every parent to decide what is best for their child, whether to take or refuse the test!
-Bonnie Bonnie M. Russell
NYS PTA® President
Communicate to Advocate!

Klem North’s Book Fair April 13th – 20th

6 Apr



The Book Fair is Coming!   Join us in sharing a love of reading with our students at Klem Road North Elementary’s Scholastic Book Fair between April 13 – 20.  It’s a great way to connect your kids with books they want to read!

Your child’s class will be visiting our Book Fair during their library time.  We will also be open for a special VIP Family Night on

Thursday, April 16th from 6:00-8:00 PM

Students may pay for their purchase with cash or checks made out to Klem North PTSA.

A new feature is the ability to order books online. Orders will be shipped directly to our school and delivered to your student.  You may shop online from April 8th through April 20th @

  New York State is requiring us to collect 8% sales tax at our fair so please remember to include it in the money you send in with your child.

If you have any questions about the fair or would like to volunteer your time to help with the book fair, please contact Jodi Gloskey at  We appreciate your dedication to creating lifelong readers. See you at our Book Fair!

Happy Reading!

Jodi Gloskey and Klem North PTSA

Volunteer Opportunities

18 Mar

Thursday and Friday you, as a parent, get to spend some one on one time with your child’s teacher.  It is wonderful opportunity!  If you are interested in volunteering and helping your child’s teacher, this is the time to ask what opportunities he or she has available.  We hope you have a great conference!

March Notes from the Nurse

16 Mar

“I Can Eat a Rainbow”

March is “National Nutrition Month®” which encourages the importance of making appropriate food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. This year’s theme is “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day.” For more information and games, visit the following website:


  • If your child is in 2nd or 4th grade and received a physical reminder, please get copies into the health office in the next week or two. If updated physical forms are not received, your child will be scheduled for a physical exam with the district physician in April.
  • Call the attendance number (217-4108) if your child is ill or if you will be out of town.
  • Please assist your child to dress properly for the weather. As children go outside for recess, help remind your child to dress in layers as the tempera-tures seem to be quite variable lately.

March PTSA Meeting Notes

12 Mar

Thank you to all that attended the March 11th meeting.  As always, please realize that not all information and details discussed at the meeting are published.  The next PTSA meeting is April 8th at 6:30pm.

News from Mr. LaMonica and Mr. Slack

Parent Teacher Conferences have started. 1/2 day of school Thursday 3/18 and no school Friday 3/19 for conferences. 5 question report card survey distributed to the parents at their conference meeting: Please fill out and return because it’s important for the school/district to get as much info as possible about the effectiveness of this new communication tool

Kindergarten Registration: Feedback regarding kindergarten registration welcomed. Remind friends/neighbors/family it is important to register now and not in the summer

News from BOE Ann Carmody

School starts before Labor Day for 2015-2016 school year.  School in session Wednesday September 2nd and Thursday September 3rd and holiday will be Friday September 4th to Monday September 7th.  School resumes Tuesday September 8th

BOE considering Urban Suburban Program and it will not start fall 2015 and no informational sessions will be held this school year.  More information to follow during 2015-2016 school year

Contact legislators/governor to release funds for Webster to do their budget process. Make a difference with an email, phone call, or letter

Academic Learning Program: Program to enhance students’ abilities to thrive in good middle class jobs with good wages and to develop essential skills like hard work and imitative. BOE is looking for community members to help shape conversations: contact Ann Carmody for more information.

Thursday 3/12 BOE Workshop open to the public. Topic: Assessments (testing) and all workshops open unless otherwise stated

Central PTSA News

-SEPTA April 7th Community Fair for parents of special needs students to understand/find additional resources

-co-chair positions open

Klem North PTSA News

ImagineIt Recycling– The ImagineIt classroom contest is running from March 9-25th. The winning class will win a pizza party, courtesy of Mark’s Pizzeria. In addition, there is a poster contest. There will be a winner from each grade. Prizes TBD.

Box Tops Contest– Month of May: winner gets 2nd round at the dunk tank during Field Days

Open Positions– keep checking the Blog for open positions for next year. We have some parents “graduating” this year and they’ll be passing the torch. If you’re interested, please let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the current chair. We like to have the positions filled before the start of the next school year!


Upcoming Programs/Events

Winter Carnival & Talent Show– Friday, March 13th

Rollerskating Parties– 5th Grade party on 3/17, 1st Grade party on 4/7

April PTSA Meeting– April 8th at 6:30!

Principal’s and Vice Principal’s News

11 Mar


The month of March includes the first day of spring. Let’s hope it won’t be long until the snow that has fallen has become a distant memory and we are surrounded by the warmer air and greenery that comes with the spring season.

We hope you are able to attend our annual Open House/Ice Cream Social Thursday, March 5th. The evening will take place from 6:30-8pm.  As usual, it will be well attended which means parking will be tight. We will be using Klem South parking lots as overflow area. There will be a bus shuttle from Klem South to Klem North which will run continuously throughout the evening. This is an opportunity for your children to show you all the great work they have done thus far in the school year.

As a reminder, March 19th is a half day for students, and on March 20th school will not be in session for elementary students. These dates are District Parent Teacher Conference Days for elementary schools. You signed up for these conferences back in October during Curriculum Night. Please note that some teachers may have scheduled conferences prior to March 19th. Your child’s teacher should be sending home a reminder of your conference date and time. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to insure that you are on time for the conference. Also, we strongly encourage you to attend these con-ferences without your children. This is a great opportunity to find out how your child is doing, and ask specific questions. If you are making alternative childcare plans for the half day on Thursday March 19th which involve bus changes, please send a note to school for that day so that we can make sure your child gets on the correct bus.

Last month we held our Kindergarten orientation and registration night. We will continue to register students for Kindergarten in the Klem North Main Office through the end of the school year. Even if you do not have a kindergarten eligible child please remind your friends and neighbors who do to register. We are encouraging all families to register sooner now rather than waiting. We are in the middle of our budget planning time and this will help us determine the number of Kindergarten sections for next year. Registration packets can be found on-line at Webster’s Web page. Look under Departments and Cen-tral Registration for links to the necessary forms. Bring the completed forms to school and we will work with you to complete the process and answer questions. You can also re-quest a registration packet by calling Central Registration at 216-0029.

Think Spring!!!

Mr. LaMonica and Mr. Slack



Name That Teacher!

9 Mar

Name That Teacher!

Get to know our KN Teachers!

Here’s how it works:

We will give you a hint, and you get to guess which teacher matches our clues.  Check back soon to see if you were right!

Board of Education — March 2015

9 Mar

From the Board of Education – March 2015

Mike Suffoletto, President

Sue Casey, Vice

Paul Benz

Ann Carmody

Mike Gustin

Tom Nespeca

Visit our web page:

Follow us on Twitter: @WCSDProud

“LIKE” us on Facebook:

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The Webster Central School District and the Board of Education believe in an open ex-change of ideas in all matters that impact our nearly 8,700 students. To that end, we invite you to have your voices heard by New York State legislators regarding the 2015-16 budget by visiting the district’s new Advocacy page found on our web site, Please check out the Advocacy quick link on the upper left side of the web site for our legislators’ contact information. This site features links and letters you can complete and send directly to our legislators regarding the 2015-16 budget. We hope you’ll take the time to visit and share your thoughts.


March is both Youth Art Month and Music in Our Schools Month. The Board of Education joins in the celebration of Webster’s impressive student artists and musicians by congratulating all 141 Webster instrumentalists and vocalists who have been selected for upcoming All County Festivals. While the All County Jazz Festival took place at the end of February, students are preparing for the Senior High All County Festival on March 6-7 at Eastman Theatre, the Elementary All County Festival on March 13-14 at Roberts Wesleyan College, and the Junior High All County Festival on March 20-21 at Aquinas High School.

In addition to the All County Festivals, the Board congratulates 41 Webster student artists who received 60 Scholastic Art Awards. What a great way to celebrate March by honoring these outstanding musicians and artists!


Webster’s Board of Education had an informative meeting on February 5. The Board celebrated a group of Webster educators who recently achieved the designation of New York State Master Teacher. The Board also received an instructional report regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the implementation of Project Lead the Way, which is an engineering educational pathway for Webster students. All board presentations can be viewed by visiting the district’s web site’s home page,, and clicking on the “Board of Education” quick link. There are many Board meetings throughout March to keep our families and community up to date on important district information:

February STAR Authors

9 Mar


Congratulations to February’s STAR authors! 

This month Mrs. Ruffalo’s Kindergarten class wrote, “Things I love.” Congratulations to:

  • Jack Albert
  • Alyssa Brien
  • Alexander Busch
  • Joseph Butler
  • Isabella Crescimanni
  • Matthew Cutaia
  • Makalya Delorm
  • Cameron Farrell
  • Luke Ferri
  • Sarah Fullerton
  • Madeline Getman
  • Samuel LaDelfa
  • Kiera McDonald
  • Drew Remington
  • Caila Ross
  • Matteo Rotoli
  • Anya Smith
  • Elyse Stuber
  • Ryan Talbot
  • Stephine Vicens
  • Jace Wessinger
  • Leah Zimmer

The fifth graders assembled memory books and will be working on filling them in between now and the end of the school year.  Congratulations to:

Mrs. Cassidy’s class

  • Sidney Nguyen – Klem North Memories
  • Domenica Pietrantoni – Klem North Memory Book
  • Krista Rickard – Klem North Memories
  • Jack Altmire – Fun Years
  • Kate DelGrego – Klem North Memories
  • Alex Thurston – Klem North – The Best School Ever!
  • Marley English – Klem North Adventures
  • Owen Cameron – Memories
  • Hannah Kingsley – Klem North Memories
  • Olivia Posella – My Klem North Memories
  • Ava LaBelle – Klem North
  • Lydia Shaw – My Year at Klem North
  • David Bonin – Best School Ever
  • Ethan Hamza – Memories of Klem North and Lakeshore
  • Olivia Schneider – Last Year Here
  • Morgan Throumoulos – Klem North Memories
  • Nathan Whitman – Klem North Memories
  • Alexandra Ophardt – Memories at Klem North
  • Matthew D’Ambrosio – Lost at Klem North
  • Ryan McLarney – Time at Klem North
  • Emma Lanski – Book of the Year
  • Caiden DeWitte – Klem North Memory Book
  • Jake Berry – Best School
  • Mallory Morrison – My Klem North Memories
  • Jakob Rothfuss – Memory Book
  • Ella Chase – Klem North Memories

Mr. Darling’s Class

  • Lydia English – 6 Years
  • Maya Lindgren – 6 Years of Fun
  • Sofie Bement – All the Wonderful Memories of Fifth Grade
  • William Henry – My Memory Book
  • Dylan Briggs – My Life in Elementary School
  • Kaitlin Rittler – The Adventures of Six Years
  • Jaedon Adjei – Memories of Elementary School
  • Isabella Bovenzi – 6 Years of Adventures
  • Jason Marasco – Memories of Klem North
  • Rose Nicastro – My Klem North Memories
  • Natalie Gantress – Natalie’s Klem North Memories
  • Owen Britt – Klem North Years
  • Alex Urlaub – My Years at Klem North
  • Miles Johnson – My Memory at Klem North
  • Carolyn Mack – All of my Greatest Memories of Klem North
  • Alex Mangano – Days at Klem North
  • Gavin Kulak – Memories of Klem North
  • Aaliyah Hill – My Elementary Years
  • Jackson Gloskey – My Memory Book
  • Danny Gramowski – Elementary Memories
  • Francesca Kohrt – The Wonderful Memories of 5th Grade
  • Claire Dates – My Elementary Years
  • Trevor Dowling – Fun at KN = Klem North
  • Jared Weissinger – My Last Year Here
  • Ariana Miller – My Years at Klem North
  • Gabby Pannone – 6 Wonderful Years

Mrs. LaForce-Stack’s Class

  • Angelina O’Connor – Klem North Students
  • Ava Sproba – My Years of Klem North
  • Marissa Damon – My Life Since Kindergarten to Fifth Grade
  • Lance Webster – The 5th Grade Highlights
  • Sydney Weetman – My Life at Klem North!
  • Dillon English – My Life at Klem North
  • Taylor Maerlender – My Life at Klem North
  • Donovan Cullen – Klem North
  • Martin Carey – Klem North Stars Memory Book
  • Jack D’Ambrosia – Klem North
  • Lizzy Tisa – My 6 Years at Klem North
  • Rebecca Gantress – My Years at Klem North
  • Tess Lazzaro – My Years at Klem North
  • Alyssa Wade – Fun Times at Klem North
  • Leah Farrell – A Fun Time in Klem North
  • Delaney McDonald – Klem North Stars
  • Mark Veerkamp – Memories of Klem North
  • Aiden Schroeder – Life at Klem North
  • Chloe Degen – My Years at Klem North
  • David Petz – My Great Years at Klem North
  • Chase Gottstein – Memories at Klem North
  • Charlie Coleman – Klem North
  • Thomas Chambers – Fun at Klem Road North School
  • Julian Bement – The Best of Elementary School
  • Autumn Briggs – My 5th Grade at Klem North
  • Aniella Palma – Klem North Memories

And some photos from publishing center celebrations in Mrs. Gunerman’s, Ms. Clifford’s, and Mrs. Guentner’s classes!





NYS PTA – Take Action!

3 Mar


NYS PTA-Take Action: Funding Our Schools and Assessing Student and Teacher Performance


The children in New York State need your help!

Send our PTA messages to Albany:

Fund Our Schools!

NYS PTA-Take Action: Funding Our Schools

Address Assessing Students and Teachers!

NYS PTA-Take Action: Assessing Student and Teacher Performance

Thank you for your Advocacy!


Did You Guess the Right Teacher?

1 Mar

33% Guessed Correctly!


Our mystery teacher is Mrs. Lawson! Mrs. Lawson has a dog and a gerbil. Additionally, she loves the color yellow, gardening, and reading. She also enjoys eating at Olive Garden whenever she can! In the future she hopes to learn to cross country ski.

Congratulations to those who guessed correctly, and watch for another Name That Teacher game soon!