Make Your Back to School Shopping Count!

6 Aug

Don’t forget to make all your back to school shopping purchases at Target count!

If you have a Target RED Card (debit or credit) all you have to do is let Target know you want to designate Klem Road North Elementary School as the recipient of your ‘Take Charge of Education’ rewards. Target will then donate 1% of your REDcard purchases to Klem North every time you use your REDcard.

Please call 1-800-316-6142 or simply go to to designate KLEM

Forward the request to grandparents and other family members. They don’t have to be local to designate KN!

Don’t have a Target REDcard? Visit the Target Service Desk (it takes just a few moments to sign up) or visit Target’s website for more information.

Questions about Target’s Take Charge of Education at KN? Contact PTSA Committee  Chair Monique Gaglio at: or 585-329-4129.


More June STAR Authors!

20 Jun



Congratulations to these additional June STAR authors!  

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class

  • Mason Schaeffer – Skimboarding
  • Aubrey LaBelle – Louis
  • Cody Wade – Hockey
  • Anabella Fanale – All About Football
  • Katie McVeigh – Guinea Pig Play Time
  • Nathan Luderman – Football
  • Joey Raymond Ferretti – NFL
  • Gianna Bakker – All About the Olympics
  • Emma Maloney – My Mommy
  • Ethan Watson – Flag Football
  • Caleb Wilson – The NFL
  • Sydney Saracene – All About Cats
  • Bryce Weber – Flag Football
  • Rebecca Miller – All About Dogs

 Mrs. Bouchard’s Class

  • Makella O’Neill – A Stuck Cat
  • Santino Sacco – The Cavity
  • Joshua Jobson – The Broken Bone
  • Jacob Sylvester – Tree+Cat=Trouble
  • Bryce Henry – The Missing Dog
  • Bianca Delorm – The Forgotten Invitations
  • Lilly Conner – Mia and the Big Pool
  • Henry Nilsen – The Lost Dog
  • Isabella Cordaro – The Missing Cat
  • Landon Dittenhoefer – The Lost Dog
  • Hannah Ramos – Ashly’s Father Loses His Wallet
  • Isis Girard—The Missing Dog
  • Ethan Ristaneo – The Missing Pokemon
  • Jonathan Garritano – The Broken Bike
  • Spencer Guck – The Lost Cat
  • Cora Dallas – Feona and the Braces
  • Tasha Mosher – The Broken Apartment
  • Henri  Rayton – Birthday Presents

Mrs. DuBois’ Class


  • Freddy Bonn – Car Lost and Found
  • Sullivan Steixner – Playing Laser Tag
  • Hayleigh Ramos – Savanna Gets a Haircut
  • Kaelyn Snyder – Playdate
  • Alex Wideman – At The Beach
  • Sophia Schmidt – A Favorite Toy Gone
  • Kari Shaw – Best Friends
  • Ari  Gefell – There is Sand in My Eyes
  • Tyler Martin – The Big Game
  • Adam Carlin – Losing the Best Toy
  • Abigail McNett – The Toy Fight
  • Jack DeGroff – Jace’s Problem Outside
  • Ally Lou Ross – I Didn’t Win a Game
  • Jack Dayton – The Chase
  • Emma Morris – Lilly Gets Mad
  • David Gagliardi – The Chase
  • Grace Weiss – The Lost Toy
  • Elayne Pekurny – A Sad Sad Day
  • Kyle Stracke – The Dog


Mrs. Strassman’s Class


  • Elaina Canady –Anderson – Book Fair Problems
  • Jake Schoen – Too Hot
  • Abigail Tisa – In a Fight on the Bus
  • Shobha Mathai – The Cookie Mystery
  • Aedan Thurston – Me and My Brother Fight
  • Henry Sperano – My Dad Locked Us Out
  • Brooke Sudore – Can’t Knock Down Bowling Pins
  • Emmett Ernst – Lost on a Hike
  • Reidun Olson – The Fire Alarm
  • Kyle Parr – Skateboarding Kickflip
  • Zachary Schultheis – The Fire Alarm
  • Jonny Wolfgang – Fighting with Maddy
  • Nathan Nguyen – The Fight
  • Meghan Martin – The Fight
  • Kilah Lynott – A Hat Day
  • Josh Mangano – Strike Out
  • Lauren Chambers – Where’s My Ice Cream?
  • Emaleigh Frye – Lollypop Farm
  • Jayden Munro – Jay’s Rabbit


Mrs. Vorrasi’s Class


  • Marcella Vazquez – All About Swimming
  • Max Vacchetto – My Spring Break
  • Christopher Myers – All About Spring
  • Olivia Constantino – All About School


Ms. Leszczynski’s and Ms. Chapin’s Class – The whole class published a book titled, “My Kindergarten Memories”


Poetry Celeabration 2015





14 Jun

Pertussis is always present in the community and can cause substantial illness among adoles-cents and adults. As a reminder to the parents/guardians of students entering 6th grade in next September, NYS is requiring each student to have a Tdap booster (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis), as required by PUBLIC HEALTH LAW 2164, and provide the health office with docu-mentation from the physician regarding the immunization. If your student will not be turning 11 until the fall, he/she will be granted a 2 week time period following their birthday to provide docu-mentation to the nurse at Willink Middle School. Tdap is NOT the same as DtaP.

You and your child may receive all immunizations at (no cost for students):
Monroe County Health Department
111 Westfall Rd.
Rochester, NY 14692
Immunization Walk-in Clinic: (phone: 753-5150) Wed afternoons 12:00-7:00 PM; last check in is 6:30 PM. Students should have immunization records with him/her. Students enrolled in Child health Plus, or Medicaid must bring their insurance cards.

Physical and Dental Exams
All students in K, 2nd, and 4th grades are required by NYS to have a current well child physical and dental exams on file in our office. If your child will be having a physical or dental appointment this summer, please send a copy into the Health Office at DeWitt. Physical and/or dental examination forms are available to print on the WCSD’s Health Office website.

Foot Injuries
We continue to get many injuries to toes and feet due to wearing flip-flops in school and on the playground. If your child is going to wear flip-flops to school, please encourage them to bring sneakers in their backpack to change into before going out to recess.

End of the Year Medication Pick UpIf your child has any medication in the Health Office, don’t forget to pick it up at the end of the school year. Any medication not picked up by June 24th will be discarded. Medication orders are only good for one school year; new medication orders are required for the 2015-2016 school year. Check the Klem North Health Office website for times to drop off medication prior to the start of school next fall.

Don’t Forget
Sunscreen, sunglasses and helmets when bike riding or skateboarding! Have a safe and great summer!

Klem North PTSA Meeting June 9

11 Jun

What a great way to end the year!  As the final programs come to a close, it was nice the PTSA recognized ALL the volunteers that made oh so many programs and activities possible!  The food trays were impressive (headed by Jaimee Dolittle) and the thoughtful gifts were a great “thank you” (organized by Laura Blair and Diane Smith)!  Beth Steixner did a great job with her recognition, gift bags, and genuine appreciation to everyone that has helped this year: big or small!  It takes all of us to keep the Klem North PTSA going and offering great enrichment opportunities of different magnitudes and disiplines to the students, staff, and Klem North community!!

Final Events of the School Year:

Flag Day – Friday June 12th starting at 9:15 in the bus loop.  Hope for good weather!

Field Days – Wednesday June 17th; Lunch times and volunteer opportunities at Field Day Info; All Klem North staff were given a yellow t-shirt by the Klem North PTSA to be easily recognized during this busy and sometimes chaotic day!

Last Day of School – Monday June 22nd

Spiritwear – all ordered spiritwear went or is going home this week.

From Assistant Principal Jeremy Slack

“It has been great working with EVERYONE!  It has been a wonderful experience and thank you all for your efforts!”  Mr. Slack will be returning to his teaching position at Schlegel Road School in the fall.

From Marlene St. James and the teachers

“Thank you to all who have helped this year!  It has been an exciting and wonderful year!  The fieldtrips were much appreciated and were great!  Thank you!”

Request from Mrs. St. James: Pockets are needed for the kindergarten chairs in the classroom.  If anyone can sew these for her, please contact Marlene!

Wednesday September 9th, 2015 at 6:30pm is the 1st PTSA meeting of the year!!  With food and a gift card to be raffled off!!  Don’t miss what we have in store for next year!!


Bus Driver Appreciation Week

11 Jun

This week is Bus Driver Appreciation Week at Klem North organized by the Klem North PTSA!  As with most professions working with children, it takes a specific type of person to do so.  With the end of the year so close at hand, being a bus driver can get a little stressful with all of our energetic and restless children! Klem North PTSA wanted to remind them that we care and appreciate their dedication to the safety of each one of our children!  Many bus drivers sing songs, have “brain games”, or other little tid-bits to keep the kids calm and a little busy.  I think that’s wonderful!

To help with Bus Driver Apprecition, coloring sheets were sent home with kindergarten and 1st grader students and returned last week.  Thank you to the parents that helped your children participate and to the students that worked hard drawing and writing sentences!  They really took their time drawing beautiful pictures!  During school lunch time, the 2nd through 5th grade students had an opportunity to sign cards and write a little note to their driver.  What polite and caring notes they wrote!  Thank you to all the students that took the time to do so and to Stacey Rothfuss for organizing all the students to write on the cards!

The week started with “Thank you for being a great bus driver” signs around the entrance to the Klem North bus loop.  On Monday morning we set up a table and handed out a gift bag to every driver and to the crossing guards, Jean and Jim, with a bottle of water, lemonade packet, trail mix, breakfast bar, an apple, hand sanitizer, package of Kleenex, Oreo cookies, and a bag of chocolates we wrapped to look like school buses with a note that said ” We Wheelie Appreciate You”.  Dunkin Donuts in the village DONATED 3 dozen donuts for the drivers!  Each gift bag included 2 donuts!

On Friday afternoon, the drivers will receive a muffin (again donted by Dunkin Donuts in the village!), a bottle of water with a dry drink packet, and all the wonderful notes and letters the students wrote!

Thank you to all the families and students that wrote “a little something” for their bus driver.  Be extra kind to the drivers in these last 2 weeks of school as our children are most likely feeling the energy of summer vacation!  Getting a little something from the Klem North families hopefully gets our drivers through the next week.

As a side note, a large purchase was placed at 3 Webster establishements and Dunkin Donuts was the ONLY one willing to donate!  Please support their business has they have done for us.  Enjoy the last week of school!

Kiera and Michael McDonald passed out gift bags to Klem North bus drivers and crossing guards.

Kiera and Michael McDonald passed out gift bags to Klem North bus drivers and crossing guards.

Kiera and Michael McDonald passed out gift bags to all the bus drivers and the crossing guards

Gift bags for all the Klem North bus drivers!

Board of Education Update — June 2015

10 Jun

From the Board of Education – June 2015
Mike Suffoletto, President
Sue Casey, Vice President
Paul Benz
Ann Carmody
Mike Dedee
Mike Gustin
Tom Nespeca

Visit our web page:
Follow us on Twitter: @WCSDProud
“LIKE” us on Facebook:
Visit us on YouTube:


Budget Approved by Webster CSD Community!

Thank you to the Webster Central School District community for approving the proposed 2015-16 Webster Central School District budget on Tuesday, May 19. We are pleased that the Webster CSD community passed the budget with a super majority of 66% ―yes‖ votes. On behalf of Webster’s nearly 8,700 students, thank you for approving the 2015-16 budget.

As a community, you have once again shown your support of our district and your children’s education. Your advocacy this year on behalf of our students also continues to make a difference. So many of you wrote letters, sent e-mails, or made phone calls to New York State legislators, letting them know your feedback on the budget process. Please know that your personal advocacy not only made a difference this year, but will continue to have an impact in future years. Your voice is a critical part of the district’s budget process every year and needs to be heard at all times!

The Board also extends its thanks to members of this year’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) for their support and feedback during this year’s budget cycle. As a reminder, if you would like to learn more about the budgeting process, begin planning now to serve on the 2016-17 BAC. Please e-mail Lisa Borrino in the District Finance Office,, or call her at 216-0017, if you would be interested in becoming a member of next year’s BAC. The BAC typically begins meeting in January of each year.

Congratulations to elected Board of Education members Sue Casey and Mike Dedee, who will continue their service to the Webster CSD community. We all look forward to collaborating on our service to a district that truly puts ―Students First.

Lastly, on behalf of your Board liaison Ann Carmody, thank you to the Klem North PTSA for all they do throughout the year on behalf of our students! Ann has enjoyed serving as your liaison this year and looks forward to seeing you all again next year.

Enjoy your summer vacation. We’ll be in touch with all of you in September for the start of another exciting school year!

PTSA Updates for June 2015

10 Jun




Klem North’s Year End Picnic 2015!

10 Jun



Principal’s and Vice Principal’s News – June 2015

10 Jun


2015 Field Day Help Needed!

9 Jun

Volunteers Needed for our 2015 Klem North Field Day!!!

Ready for fun in the sun with your children?

Please sign up to help volunteer your time for this year’s annual Field Day which is:

Wednesday, June 17th

We are looking for volunteers to help us run our stations this year which will each run for 30 minutes.  Stations will run from 9:30 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. 

Sign up here!

Children Outdoors

Please contact Matt Carpenter: with questions.

We are looking forward to yet another successful Field Day.


Mr. Carpenter and Mrs. Ernstrom

Did You Guess the Right Teacher?

7 Jun

90% of you did!


Our mystery teacher is Mrs. Vorrasi! First grade teacher, Mrs. Vorrasi’s, favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. She has a puppy named Roxy and a fish named Moe. Her favorite color is green. 

Congratulations to those who guessed correctly and thanks for playing this year. Look for more Name That Teacher next year!

Klem North PTSA Needs You!

29 May



May is PTSA Recruitment Month…there are NOW ONLY 10 (thank you to those who stepped up!) – open Klem North PTSA positions for the 2015-2016 school year – below are 2 more of the openings for you to please consider!

If you see one you’re interested in, or have questions, please contact Beth Steixner or Laura Blair

Remember, there is documentation for each position and can connect you with the current owner for more information.

1) Movie Night

  • Previous Chair says “an easy event to plan and run, less than 10 hours to coordinate.”
  • Select a movie, coordinate with school and volunteers, attend and oversee the fun evening.
  • Detailed information available that can be used as a guide.
  • Glenn Smith is willing to work at the popcorn machine again!

2) Odyssey of the Mind Coaches (AND Shadow current Chair)

  • Coach one of the Odyssey of the Mind teams for Klem North.
  • We are also looking for someone to shadow the Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator.


June STAR Authors

29 May


Congratulations to June’s STAR authors!  


Mrs. Ruffalo’s Class wrote a special book for Mother’s Day, “My Mom.”

Mrs. St. James’ Class wrote a special book for Mother’s Day, “My Mom.”


Mrs. Heaphy’s Class

  • Isabella Matthews—All About Me
  • Robert Kitchen—All About Me
  • Elizabeth Pastor—All About Me
  • Ben Weiss—All About Me
  • Cameron Chase—All About Me
  • Laila Randall—All About Me
  • Mrs. Hynes’ Class
  • Brett Mersdorf – Porcupines
  • Ethan Carpenter – All About Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  • Jane Carey – All About Opossums
  • Kalli Melon – All About Porcupines
  • Owen Zimmer – All About American Alligators
  • Olivia Bowers – All About Pacas
  • Cayden Rathnam – All About Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  • Jaina Brien – All About Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  • Elijah Wolfgang – All About Porcupines
  • Gabriella Alaimo – All About Pacas
  • Natalia Lopez – All About Armadillos
  • Jacob Marr – All About Porcupines
  • Julia Miller – All About Armadillos
  • Sami Cullen – All About Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  • Blake Cusse – All About Alligators
  • Justin Rickard – All About Porcupines
  • Trinity Alescio – All About Wallabies
  • Gabriel Tabacco – All About Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class

  • Ethan Weiss – Hockey
  • Emily Meschino – My Dog Lilly
  • Marco Morelli – Soccer
  • Carrie Kohlmeier – All About Coco

Mrs. Collins/Miss York’s Class wrote poems and printed them into a class poetry book.

  • Gabbie Capparelli – “School”
  • Andrew Chambers – “Minecraft”
  • Kristina Fisher – “About Snowflakes”
  • Ali Hameed –“Snapping Turtle”
  • Ethan Janke – “Wing and Ring”
  • Audrey Jensen – “Ice Cream, Nice Cream”
  • Jada Kendrick – “The Man”
  • Patrick Klehr – “Dogs”
  • Sophia LaDelfa – “Book”
  • Colby Munro – “My Favorite Food”
  • Travis Peters – “Fall”
  • Lilyan Short – “Together”
  • Caleb Shuttleworth – “What am I?”
  • Connor Smith – “Dogs and Cats”
  • Victoria Smith – “Mother”
  • Andrew Watson – “Mom and Dad”
  • Maya Zimmer – “Snow”

Mrs. Vorrasi’s Class

  • Norman Nilsen – All About Me
  • Seth Hastings – The Cake
  • Serena Cutaia – All About Me
  • Gabrielle Roddy – All About Snakes
  • Angelina Barco–Dimaggio – All About Pets
  • Gracie Henderberg – All About Dogs
  • Ella Vernacotola – I Lost My Cat
  • Leah Becker – Spring is Here
  • Nevin Enodien – Me and Norman
  • Olivia Smith – When Molly Went to Visit the Sea
  • Andrew Blair – Andrew and Seth and Ben Together
  • Ben Zona – All About Klem North






Name That Teacher – Last one for the year!

27 May

Name That Teacher!

Get to know our KN Teachers!

Here’s how it works:

We will give you a hint, and you get to guess which teacher matches our clues.  Check back soon to see if you were right!

Klem North PTSA Needs You!

27 May


May is PTSA Recruitment Month…there are 14 open Klem North PTSA positions for the 2015-2016 school year – below are 3 more of the openings for you to please consider stepping up for!

If you see one you’re interested in, or have questions, please contact Beth Steixner or Laura Blair

Remember, there is documentation for each position and can connect you with the current owner for more information.

1) Box Tops Fundraiser

  • Organize two Box Tops drives each year (typically October and May).
  • Advertise drive, count, and submit Box Tops; announce winning class.
  • Besides picking up the Box Tops from school, this task can be done from home.

2) Outing Organizer

  • Plan and facilitate discounted Klem North group events to place of your choosing (Red Wings, Amerks, cultural arts, or recreational events).
  • Typically plan 1 in the fall and 1 in the spring.
  • This task can be from home!

3) PBIS Parent Rep

  • Attend monthly meeting with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee to collaborate and contribute to group discussions.Meetings are usually held from 8:20-8:50am.
  • Group goal is to support and improve student learning, school climate, and positive behavior support for all students.
  • Topics include deciding on school-wide rewards for reaching CARE Cash goals, bus behavior, and many others.


Did You Guess the Right Teacher?

19 May

20% Did!


Our mystery teacher is Mrs. Polk! Klem North’s Librarian loves to read! In fact, she was a library helper throughout her years as a student. She loves the color green and hopes to learn how to install cabinets this year. 


Congratulations to those who guessed correctly, and watch for another Name That Teacher game soon!

Klem North PTSA Needs You!

15 May


May is PTSA Recruitment Month…there are 14 open Klem North PTSA positions for the 2015-2016 school year – below are 3 more of the openings for you to please consider stepping up for!

If you see one you’re interested in, or have questions, please contact Beth Steixner or Laura Blair

Remember, there is documentation for each position and can connect you with the current owner for more information.

1) After School Coordinator.  This position is to Shadow the current Chair for the 2015-2016 school year, and then take it over the following year.

  • Organize and oversee the club instructors.
  • Handle communication with office and teachers for the after school programs.

2) Club Registrar.  This position is to Shadow the current Chair for the 2015-2016 school year, and then take it over the following year.

  • Setup online registration twice a year for after school clubs.
  • Provide information to After School Coordinator.

3) Morning Announcement Club Coordinator.  This position is to Shadow the current Chair for the 2015-2016 school year, and then take it over the following year.

  • Looking for a 3rd or 4th grade parent since the Club is for 4th and 5th grade students!
  • Current Chair says: “MAC club is generally not a big commitment. There is very little out of school preparation most of the time.”
  • Picks a day of the week for club. On the club day you arrive at school by 3pm and club ends at 4.
  • You teach the students how to find the information to fill in the announcements and assign weeks for each student to be in charge of. Place them in the red binder in the office.
  • There is a fall club and a spring club.

Also…While we have a parent who will be leading Chess Club for grades 3 – 5, we are still hoping for someone to lead our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders.  If this is important to you now is your chance to either lead the club yourself or find someone who can!


News from Webster’s Central PTSA – Lawn Signs

15 May


Good morning,

On behalf of Webster’s Central PTSA, we wanted to offer all of you lawn signs to display either in your yard or for your friends’ yards. The signs promote a local effort called ‘ACT for Education,’ ACT for Education stands for A Community Together (ACT) for Education and is basically a positive, informational initiative by Monroe 1 and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES districts that lauds our area’s outstanding public schools.  Area businesses and community members are also supporting the effort.

There are a limited supply of lawn signs with stakes available for pickup at District Administrative Offices, located on the 3rd floor of Spry Middle School. If you would like to display one in your yard, feel free to stop by DAO any time during the week from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and ask for Webster Public Relations Coordinator Krista Grose. All signs are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Thanks in advance for your support!

Denise Bellavia and Kris Canessa
Webster Central PTSA Co-Chairs

Cultural Arts Update: May 2015

13 May

The 2014-2015 school year is almost over at Klem Road North, but students are still having a blast enjoying field trips and assemblies sponsored by the Cultural Arts Program!

This spring the Wildlife Defenders came to visit grades K-2. The Boland Irish Dancers made a festive appearance on St. Patrick’s Day, this month Ms. Jennifer Sirey will give an Arts and Math workshop, all students will enjoy a Martial Arts showcase during gym class, and last month family square dance night was another success!

Grade specific events have included a kindergarten visit to the Strong Museum of Play for Garden Theme Day, Seneca Park Zoo’s Zoomobiles will visit the 1st graders later in the week, the 2nd graders will take a tour of Webster’s Arboretum, the 3rd graders will take a tour of Rochester’s Water Treatment Plant, Webster Artist, Ms. Mary Coy, joined Mrs. Pennington and the 4th graders for a workshop in the art room, and the 5th graders visited the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Challenger Learning Center in January.

It has been an exciting year at Klem North! We hope that next year will provide even more opportunities for students to experience outside of the classroom. All programs are completely sponsored by the PTSA. To learn more about Klem North’s PTSA visit the PTSA webpage.

Klem North PTSA Needs You!

12 May


May is PTSA Recruitment Month…there are 14 open Klem North PTSA positions for the 2015-2016 school year – below are 3 of the openings for you to please consider stepping up for!

If you see one you’re interested in, or have questions, please contact Beth Steixner or Laura Blair

There is documentation for each position and can connect you with the current owner for more information.

1) Secretary
  • Attend monthly PTSA meetings and record the meeting minutes.
  • Type up the meeting minutes and distribute.
2) Welcome Back Breakfast
  • Plan, order, and deliver breakfast for faculty and staff on the first day of school.
  • Detailed information available from previous years can be used as a guide.
  • Planning starts over the summer and task is complete at the end of the first day of school!
3) Welcome to Kindergarten
  • Organize our PTSA role in the Welcome to Kindergarten events.
  • Prepare flyer to handout at Kindergarten Orientation, flyer to provide parents at the Screening, order books to give to incoming kindergarteners.
  • Detailed information available from previous years (including flyers that can be modified)