Klem North News – October 2015

6 Oct


From the Board of Education – October 2015

4 Oct

From the Board of Education – October 2015

  • Mike Suffoletto, President
  • Sue Casey, Vice President
  • Ann Carmody
  • Mike Dedee
  • Linda Dioguardi
  • Mike Gustin
  • Tom Nespeca

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Your board of education is preparing to survey Webster middle and high school students, faculty, staff, and the community at large regarding the district’s dynamic strategic plan. New to the strategic plan this year are the district’s Essential Skills: resilience, perseverance, collaboration, integrity, time management, self management, and communication. These skills will be added into every aspect of our schools’ culture over the next few years as we prepare Webster students to be college, career, and community ready.

Your feedback on Essential Skills, along with questions related to how we are doing as a school district, will be asked as part of this strategic planning survey. The survey will be available for the community on the district’s web site, along with our social media platforms. You’ll be notified once the survey is available for completion at the end of October. We thank you in advance for taking time to provide invaluable feedback about your school district. The data gathered from each strategic planning survey (this is the third survey) is shared with each building to allow for continuous evaluation of the strategic plan and how it is being implemented in all of our 11 schools.


For the past 43 years, your board of education has welcomed Webster’s senior citizens to Webster Schroeder High School for a day of friendship, outstanding entertainment, and delicious food. This year’s annual Senior Citizens’ Day will be on Thursday, October 22. The day begins in the Webster Schroeder High School auditorium with our high schools’ musical groups providing the entertainment and the awarding of the ever-popular door prizes! Following the program, seniors will be served a turkey dinner, prepared by Webster CSD Food Services department and served by our high school students. Invitations to this much-anticipated event will be mailed in early October. If you are interested in donating a door prize for Senior Citizens’ Day, or if you have additional questions, please contact Jenifer Calus, WCSD Communications Aide, at 216-0101, or


During the board’s September 10 meeting, students from each of our seven elementary schools were celebrated as WREA Outstanding Citizenship Award winners. The board also approved the superintendent’s contract and welcomed new district employees during a pre-meeting reception. At the September 24 workshop, board members reviewed Buffalo Business First and Newsweek school rankings, along with the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) assessment results, just one academic measure within our district.

Please remember that you can stay up to date on your board’s activities by clicking on the “Board of Education” quick link found on the left side of the district’s home page, You will find board minutes and even the latest meetings, which run live (and taped) on WETV Channel 15.

In addition, there are many board meetings throughout October to keep our families and community up to date on important district information. Public attendance at meetings and workshops is encouraged and welcomed: Thursday, October 8 – BOE Meeting: PBIS, NYS Resolutions (7:00 p.m., Spry auditorium) Thursday, October 15 – BOE Workshop: Youth Risk Assessment (Time TBD – please refer to WCSD web site,, Conference Room B, District Offices, 3rd floor of Spry Middle School) Thursday, October 29 – BOE Meeting: Essential Skills (7:00 p.m., Spry auditorium).

PTSA Spotlight: Program Chair

3 Oct

Program Chair: Laura Blair

Laura Blair

For a second year we welcome Laura Blair as the contact person for all of the PTSA committee chairs. She serves to provide assistance in planning PTSA activities and programs.

Laura has a kindergartener and second grader attending Klem North. She enjoys swimming, reading, baking chocolate desserts, eating chocolate, growing vegetables (to balance the chocolate eating), and spending time with family.

Laura grew up in Webster and attended KN as a child! In fact, her parents still live in the same house on Klem Road that she grew up in.

Laura was previously an engineer at Bausch and Lomb and ITT. She is now a stay at home mom and a freelance writer when time permits.

Did You Guess the Right Teacher?

3 Oct

About 72% Did!


Our mystery teacher is Mr. Darling. Although he is now a fifth grade teacher, when Mr. Darling was in Kindergarten he wanted to be a sled dog racer! Instead of a sled dog he actually has a 95 pound golden retriever named Wilson. Mr. Darling’s favorite color is green and in his spare time he grows his own Christmas trees!

Congratulations to those who guessed correctly, and watch for another Name That Teacher game soon!

Cultural Arts Update: September 2015

26 Sep

As the 2015- 2016 school year begins, the Klem North Cultural Arts Committee is hard at work collaborating with Klem North teachers to develop culturally rich programs, like assemblies and field trips within the community.

Past events have brought artists, authors, musicians, and other community groups to the school to perform and educate students. Just a few past field trips include student participation in the Challenger Mission at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, visits to the Memorial Art Gallery, and Monroe County Recycling Center!

Funding for all Klem North Cultural Arts events, including classroom field trips, is provided by the funds raised by the PTSA. To learn more about the Cultural Arts programs, Klem North’s PTSA, and opportunities to volunteer, please contact

Attention Parents! KN PTSA School of Excellence Family Survey

24 Sep


Hello Parents!  

The Klem North PTSA and Klem North Administration are asking you take a 5-10 minute anonymous survey!

Klem North is participating in National PTA School of Excellence Program this year. If you take this survey before Oct 20th we will be using your input to identify areas of improvement specific to Klem North. National PTA will provide us a Roadmap to Excellence based on the survey results and we will work on implementing the recommendations throughout the year.

In the spring we will ask you to take a second survey so we can see how we did. If improvements are observed we will achieve a School of Excellence designation!  

Any questions please contact Laura Blair at

Name That Teacher

22 Sep

Name That Teacher!

Get to know our KN Teachers!

Here’s how it works:

We will give you a hint, and you get to guess which teacher matches our clues.  Check back soon to see if you were right!

2015-16 Klem North PTSA Membership Drive Update

22 Sep

99 PTSA members and counting…

Welcome and thank you to all new PTSA members for 2015-16 school year! It is not too late to turn in your membership form!


  • Lisa Alaimo
  • Becky Allen
  • Kristen and Keith Auinger
  • Lisa Baird
  • Maggie Bechtold
  • Kim Benzoni
  • Laura Blair
  • Rebecca Bonn
  • Theresa Bowers
  • Toni and Peter Broiku
  • Lauren and Greg Butler
  • Shawna Carlin
  • Emily and Jeffrey Carpenter
  • Kelly Cattron
  • Lissa Coppola
  • Erica Crescimanni
  • Kathleen Di Martino
  • Donna Evesky
  • Laura Farnung
  • Sariah and Andrew Finn
  • Julie Fisher
  • Chelsey Franz
  • Andrea Fullerton
  • Tamara Gagliardi
  • Monique Gaglio
  • Shannon Gamache
  • Kelly Getman
  • Tricia Gibson
  • Carol Gillis
  • Julie Goodridge
  • Lorene Guentner
  • Jennifer Gunerman
  • Michelle Heisinger
  • Deb Heisler-Jarvis
  • Julie and Mark Heminway
  • Jennifer Henderberg
  • Sue Hurlbut
  • Julie Hynes
  • Myriam Janke
  • Lyn Jensen
  • Christina and Nick Kerr
  • Kim Keskin
  • Courtney King
  • Michele Kirschbaum
  • Jennifer Klehr
  • Stephanie Kohlmeier
  • Katie Kriewall
  • Jan LaBue
  • Lisa Laloggia
  • Steve LaMonica
  • Deanna Lillie
  • Tina Matthews
  • Alecia Mazzo
  • Kansas McDonald
  • Diana and Ian Mee
  • Julie Mersdorf
  • Jan Miller
  • Sue and Bob Mongiovi
  • Kathleen Myer
  • Amy and Jeffrey O’Neill
  • Devin Palmesano-Beach
  • Suzanne Phelps
  • Vicky Polk
  • Kristen and Michael Quagliata
  • Laura Robinson
  • Stacey Rothfuss
  • Amy Rotoli
  • Jennifer Scalzo
  • Stacy Schoen
  • Lindsey Short
  • Jeremy Slack
  • Marlene St. James
  • Diana Strassman
  • Christine Shuttleworth
  • Bethany Steixner
  • Julie Sylvester
  • Kristen Trottier
  • Anita Van Wichen
  • Michele Vernacotola
  • Marissa Verni
  • Denise and Brett Warren
  • Suzie Webster
  • Sarah Wideman
  • Amy Woeller
  • Maggie Yarbrough
  • Tracy and Chuck Zlotkus 





PTSA Spotlight: Beth Steixner

17 Sep

Welcome Back, Beth Steixner!

Beth Steixner, 2015-2016 Klem North PTSA building chair

Beth Steixner, 2015-2016 Klem North PTSA building chair

As Klem North School begins the 2015-2016 school year, Beth Steixner continues her tenure as PTSA building chair. Additionally, Beth serves as co-chair of several building programs.

Beth’s son, Sully, is in second grade. Beth loves animals. In fact, she has her own horse named Kate! She enjoys horseback riding and being outside on any given opportunity. Beth especially loves to bake. Join her at Klem North PTSA meetings to see for yourself —- she often brings baked treats to share!

Beth is taking on a career change. She is currently back in school to become an Occupational Therapist.

For more information Beth can be contacted via e-mail at

Healthi Kids

16 Sep

Sept 2014, Issue I

Back to School

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

As Labor Day festivities end, par-ents are getting ready to send their kids back to school. How can you make the transition back to school easier on your kids? Start preparing now by developing healthy habits that will last the whole year! Here are some tips to keep your kids healthy and safe in the new year:

Make sure your kids get plenty of sleep! Getting the right amount of sleep will help your kids stay alert during the day and keeps their immune system strong! The week before school starts, begin sending your kids to bed earlier and waking up in time to adjust to their school schedule. Most experts recommend between 10-12 hours of sleep for chil-dren ages 3-6, 10-11 hours for children 7-12, and 8-9 hours for 12-18 year olds.

Ensure that your child gets at least the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day. The right amount of exercise not only leads to a healthy body but can also help kids do better in school. Give your kids opportunities for daily active play, take a family walk or bike ride, or visit your local recreation center for tons of options to get moving. Make it a family activity and everyone will benefit!

Pack a healthy lunch and snacks for your little ones! Healthy habits begin at a young age. Aim for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day and resist the urge to fill your child’s lunch bag with sugary drinks and snacks. Try some cut up apples and oranges, or your child’s favorite vegetable. There are lots of ways to pack a power lunch to get your young scholar through the day!

For more information on how to keep your kids healthy this school year, contact Erick Stephens, Parent Engagement Coordinator, at 585-224-3112.

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Much like the rest of the country, 1 in 3 children in the City of Rochester is considered overweight or obese. Not only does this have health implications for children that were once re-served for adults, like Type 2 Diabetes, but research shows that children who are overweight are five times more likely to be overweight as adults.

The good news is that in most cases, childhood overweight and obesity is preventable. Healthi Kids continues to advocate for public policy change and to educate kids and parents about the types of behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. How can you help? Work with the parent group at your child’s school to organ-ize healthy activities for the entire school community.

Participate in school based planning teams and ensure that nutrition and physical activity are part of your child’s school day.

Advocate for increased support for child nutrition pro-grams at the local, state, and national level.

Lead by example. Become a positive role model for kids by changing your own behaviors and showing them what it means to be healthy.

Other Ideas? Contact us at to share how you are making your community healthier!


16 Sep


Just a reminder that most everything we learned about preventing infectious diseases we learned from our moms & dads: Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Mouth & Nose When You Sneeze, Throw Away Your Tissues Promptly and then Wash Your Hands!

Influenza (the flu) is usually in season from October through March. Remember it is easily transmitted through the air (ie sneezing) & close personal contact. Cold & flu viruses can linger on doorknobs, telephone receivers and other surfaces. It is important to wash your hands frequently & try to avoid rubbing your eyes & nose or putting your hands around your mouth.

Regarding colds/flu here are some guidelines to use in determining whether your child should stay at home:

-Fever greater than 100.4 orally.

-Child is too ill, sleepy or lethargic to sit all day in school.

-Severe headache, especially if accompanied by a fever (contact your healthcare provider). -Severe sore throat, with fever or lethargy, lasting longer than 48 hours (contact healthcare provider). Reminder : If your child has had a throat culture for strep, he/she may NOT be in school until the results are known. If your child is diagnosed with strep, he/she MUST be on antibiotics 48 hours before returning to school.

For more information:

Cub Scouts Pack 474

16 Sep


You are Invited!

CUB SCOUT PACK 474 Information/Joining Night

When: Wednesday Sept 23rd from 6:30-7:00 PM; Stay and participate in a night of emergency preparedness featuring first aid stations from 7:00-8:00PM

Where: Klem Road North Elementary Cafeteria

Can’t make the meeting?  No problem!

Email us at:

or check out our website

Dear Klem North Families,

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 474!

Scouting makes a direct and positive impact on your community by teaching positive values and leadership skills to your son.  We are a very active and fun filled pack.  Pack 474 offers a wide range of activities and learning experiences for your child that focus on their continued growth as they progress through the program.  We strive to incorporate education, character building, growth, teamwork, and primarily FUN for our scouts.  We are a “Family Friendly” pack that encourages the whole family to attend our pack meetings, special events, and “family camping” trips so that everyone can experience the fun, together.

Pack 474 consists of 1st through 5th grade boys primarily from Klem Road North Elementary School. 

We are very excited for a new Scouting year and we welcome you to learn more about Pack 474 to see if we have something to offer your boys and families.  We’d love to see you at our next event!

Jeff Carpenter, Cubmaster Pack 474

Klem North News – September 2015

14 Sep

KN News 1

KN News 2

Board of Education Update: September 2015

13 Sep

From the Board of Education

September 2015

  • Mike Suffoletto, President
  • Sue Casey, Vice President
  • Ann Carmody,
  • Mike Dedee,
  • Linda Dioguardi,
  • Mike Gustin,
  • Tom Nespeca,

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We want to welcome the entire Webster Central School District back to school. Opening day is on Wednesday, September 2, and your board of education is looking forward to another year with Webster students, faculty and staff. We also welcome Linda Dioguardi as the newest member of the board. Mrs. Dioguardi was appointed during our August 6 meeting to complete the term that runs through May 17, 2016, which is the district’s annual budget vote and election. Mrs. Dioguardi has lived in the Webster School District community since 1977 and is a proud Webster High School graduate. She has served as an active volunteer and advocate for public education since the first of her two children entered the district in 2004, most recently as chair of the Plank Road South PTSA. Join us in welcoming Mrs. Dioguardi to the board!

Every year, we look forward to connecting with Webster School District families at school concerts, sporting events,PTSA meetings, and throughout our community. To that end, our board has named liaisons for each of our 11 schools:

  • DeWitt Road Elementary School – Tom Nespeca
  • Klem Road North Elementary School – Mike Dedee
  • Klem Road South Elementary School – Mike Suffoletto
  • Plank Road North Elementary School – Mike Gustin
  • Plank Road South Elementary School – Linda Dioguardi
  • Schlegel Road Elementary School –Sue Casey
  • State Road Elementary School – Ann Carmody
  • Spry Middle School/Webster Schroeder High School – Mike Suffoletto/Sue Casey
  • Willink Middle School/Webster Thomas High School – Mike Suffoletto/Sue Casey

All Webster School District families are encouraged to visit the district’s webpage at for the latest district-wide news. You can also follow the district on Twitter (@WCSDProud) and Superintendent Carm Gumina(@superwebstercsd). Along with those Twitter feeds, be sure to visit the district’s Facebook page ( schools), and YouTube channel ( You can also stay up to date on your board’s activities by clicking on the “Board of Education” quick link found on the left side of the district’s home page. You will find board minutes and even our latest recorded meetings, which run live (and taped) on WETV Channel 15. Be sure to stay connected with your district and board of education throughout the year.

Join Odyssey of the Mind!

8 Sep

Odyssey of the Mind teams
will be forming soon! 

Please join us for our district meeting at Spry Middle School on Wednesday, September 23rd from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Odyssey of the Mind will be open to Klem North students in grades K-5 this year.  This program focuses on teamwork, problem solving, and creativity.  Teams are coached by adult volunteers such as a parents, grandparents, and neighbors.

We are looking for adult volunteers that would be willing to commit their time at least once a week from October through early March to coach a team.  If you are interested in this rewarding experience, please contact Glenn Smith,  

Pack 474 Cub Scout Information/Joining Night – September 9th 7-8pm!

1 Sep


Pack 474 Cub Scout Information/Joining Night

Boys in 1st – 5th grade join the fun of Cub Scouts at Klem North

Wednesday, September 9 from 7:00PM-8:00PM

Come join us in the school cafeteria to learn more

Activities Include

Join_the_fun_of_Cub_Scouts_at_Klem_North Pack 474 2015_html_3bc27eb8

Cub Scouting is a program for boys in first through fifth grade that focuses on “Fun with a Purpose!” A Group of friends and parents get together to learn about new skills, go on a fun adventure to the local firehouse or park, or learn about their community and how they can make it better. We have dozens of families involved from our town, and we all agree it’s great to watch the boys grow right in front of our eyes.

What’s really great about Cub Scouting is how flexible it is with our schedules. Our boys are involved in sports, and after-school activities; we’re always very busy. With Scouting, we can miss a meeting here and there and still be a part of the flexible year-round program. So when you’re thinking about what programs and activities you’d like your family to be a part of this year, why not give Cub Scouts a try? We’re all about doing our best, and we know you’ll love what you find!

If you are unable to make the joining night or have further questions please contact: Jeff Carpenter, Cub Master – 216-9685 or

Joining fee is $9.00 and due on joining night. Pack dues are due at the first pack meeting (Sept. 23)

This event, activity, or program is not sponsored by the Webster Central School District. Approval does not imply endorsement, but is a courtesy service to the community.

Make Your Back to School Shopping Count!

6 Aug

Don’t forget to make all your back to school shopping purchases at Target count!

If you have a Target RED Card (debit or credit) all you have to do is let Target know you want to designate Klem Road North Elementary School as the recipient of your ‘Take Charge of Education’ rewards. Target will then donate 1% of your REDcard purchases to Klem North every time you use your REDcard.

Please call 1-800-316-6142 or simply go to to designate KLEM

Forward the request to grandparents and other family members. They don’t have to be local to designate KN!

Don’t have a Target REDcard? Visit the Target Service Desk (it takes just a few moments to sign up) or visit Target’s website for more information.

Questions about Target’s Take Charge of Education at KN? Contact PTSA Committee  Chair Monique Gaglio at: or 585-329-4129.


More June STAR Authors!

20 Jun



Congratulations to these additional June STAR authors!  

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class

  • Mason Schaeffer – Skimboarding
  • Aubrey LaBelle – Louis
  • Cody Wade – Hockey
  • Anabella Fanale – All About Football
  • Katie McVeigh – Guinea Pig Play Time
  • Nathan Luderman – Football
  • Joey Raymond Ferretti – NFL
  • Gianna Bakker – All About the Olympics
  • Emma Maloney – My Mommy
  • Ethan Watson – Flag Football
  • Caleb Wilson – The NFL
  • Sydney Saracene – All About Cats
  • Bryce Weber – Flag Football
  • Rebecca Miller – All About Dogs

 Mrs. Bouchard’s Class

  • Makella O’Neill – A Stuck Cat
  • Santino Sacco – The Cavity
  • Joshua Jobson – The Broken Bone
  • Jacob Sylvester – Tree+Cat=Trouble
  • Bryce Henry – The Missing Dog
  • Bianca Delorm – The Forgotten Invitations
  • Lilly Conner – Mia and the Big Pool
  • Henry Nilsen – The Lost Dog
  • Isabella Cordaro – The Missing Cat
  • Landon Dittenhoefer – The Lost Dog
  • Hannah Ramos – Ashly’s Father Loses His Wallet
  • Isis Girard—The Missing Dog
  • Ethan Ristaneo – The Missing Pokemon
  • Jonathan Garritano – The Broken Bike
  • Spencer Guck – The Lost Cat
  • Cora Dallas – Feona and the Braces
  • Tasha Mosher – The Broken Apartment
  • Henri  Rayton – Birthday Presents

Mrs. DuBois’ Class


  • Freddy Bonn – Car Lost and Found
  • Sullivan Steixner – Playing Laser Tag
  • Hayleigh Ramos – Savanna Gets a Haircut
  • Kaelyn Snyder – Playdate
  • Alex Wideman – At The Beach
  • Sophia Schmidt – A Favorite Toy Gone
  • Kari Shaw – Best Friends
  • Ari  Gefell – There is Sand in My Eyes
  • Tyler Martin – The Big Game
  • Adam Carlin – Losing the Best Toy
  • Abigail McNett – The Toy Fight
  • Jack DeGroff – Jace’s Problem Outside
  • Ally Lou Ross – I Didn’t Win a Game
  • Jack Dayton – The Chase
  • Emma Morris – Lilly Gets Mad
  • David Gagliardi – The Chase
  • Grace Weiss – The Lost Toy
  • Elayne Pekurny – A Sad Sad Day
  • Kyle Stracke – The Dog


Mrs. Strassman’s Class


  • Elaina Canady –Anderson – Book Fair Problems
  • Jake Schoen – Too Hot
  • Abigail Tisa – In a Fight on the Bus
  • Shobha Mathai – The Cookie Mystery
  • Aedan Thurston – Me and My Brother Fight
  • Henry Sperano – My Dad Locked Us Out
  • Brooke Sudore – Can’t Knock Down Bowling Pins
  • Emmett Ernst – Lost on a Hike
  • Reidun Olson – The Fire Alarm
  • Kyle Parr – Skateboarding Kickflip
  • Zachary Schultheis – The Fire Alarm
  • Jonny Wolfgang – Fighting with Maddy
  • Nathan Nguyen – The Fight
  • Meghan Martin – The Fight
  • Kilah Lynott – A Hat Day
  • Josh Mangano – Strike Out
  • Lauren Chambers – Where’s My Ice Cream?
  • Emaleigh Frye – Lollypop Farm
  • Jayden Munro – Jay’s Rabbit


Mrs. Vorrasi’s Class


  • Marcella Vazquez – All About Swimming
  • Max Vacchetto – My Spring Break
  • Christopher Myers – All About Spring
  • Olivia Constantino – All About School


Ms. Leszczynski’s and Ms. Chapin’s Class – The whole class published a book titled, “My Kindergarten Memories”


Poetry Celeabration 2015





14 Jun

Pertussis is always present in the community and can cause substantial illness among adoles-cents and adults. As a reminder to the parents/guardians of students entering 6th grade in next September, NYS is requiring each student to have a Tdap booster (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis), as required by PUBLIC HEALTH LAW 2164, and provide the health office with docu-mentation from the physician regarding the immunization. If your student will not be turning 11 until the fall, he/she will be granted a 2 week time period following their birthday to provide docu-mentation to the nurse at Willink Middle School. Tdap is NOT the same as DtaP.

You and your child may receive all immunizations at (no cost for students):
Monroe County Health Department
111 Westfall Rd.
Rochester, NY 14692
Immunization Walk-in Clinic: (phone: 753-5150) Wed afternoons 12:00-7:00 PM; last check in is 6:30 PM. Students should have immunization records with him/her. Students enrolled in Child health Plus, or Medicaid must bring their insurance cards.

Physical and Dental Exams
All students in K, 2nd, and 4th grades are required by NYS to have a current well child physical and dental exams on file in our office. If your child will be having a physical or dental appointment this summer, please send a copy into the Health Office at DeWitt. Physical and/or dental examination forms are available to print on the WCSD’s Health Office website.

Foot Injuries
We continue to get many injuries to toes and feet due to wearing flip-flops in school and on the playground. If your child is going to wear flip-flops to school, please encourage them to bring sneakers in their backpack to change into before going out to recess.

End of the Year Medication Pick UpIf your child has any medication in the Health Office, don’t forget to pick it up at the end of the school year. Any medication not picked up by June 24th will be discarded. Medication orders are only good for one school year; new medication orders are required for the 2015-2016 school year. Check the Klem North Health Office website for times to drop off medication prior to the start of school next fall.

Don’t Forget
Sunscreen, sunglasses and helmets when bike riding or skateboarding! Have a safe and great summer!

Klem North PTSA Meeting June 9

11 Jun

What a great way to end the year!  As the final programs come to a close, it was nice the PTSA recognized ALL the volunteers that made oh so many programs and activities possible!  The food trays were impressive (headed by Jaimee Dolittle) and the thoughtful gifts were a great “thank you” (organized by Laura Blair and Diane Smith)!  Beth Steixner did a great job with her recognition, gift bags, and genuine appreciation to everyone that has helped this year: big or small!  It takes all of us to keep the Klem North PTSA going and offering great enrichment opportunities of different magnitudes and disiplines to the students, staff, and Klem North community!!

Final Events of the School Year:

Flag Day – Friday June 12th starting at 9:15 in the bus loop.  Hope for good weather!

Field Days – Wednesday June 17th; Lunch times and volunteer opportunities at Field Day Info; All Klem North staff were given a yellow t-shirt by the Klem North PTSA to be easily recognized during this busy and sometimes chaotic day!

Last Day of School – Monday June 22nd

Spiritwear – all ordered spiritwear went or is going home this week.

From Assistant Principal Jeremy Slack

“It has been great working with EVERYONE!  It has been a wonderful experience and thank you all for your efforts!”  Mr. Slack will be returning to his teaching position at Schlegel Road School in the fall.

From Marlene St. James and the teachers

“Thank you to all who have helped this year!  It has been an exciting and wonderful year!  The fieldtrips were much appreciated and were great!  Thank you!”

Request from Mrs. St. James: Pockets are needed for the kindergarten chairs in the classroom.  If anyone can sew these for her, please contact Marlene!

Wednesday September 9th, 2015 at 6:30pm is the 1st PTSA meeting of the year!!  With food and a gift card to be raffled off!!  Don’t miss what we have in store for next year!!